Blob Storage Settings #

The following settings are required to connect to the Azure storage account. The required input values can be determined from the Azure Portal.


Adding Azure Storage Destination #

  1. In the main window of the Designer, navigate to [Server] > [Manage Destinations]. The window “Manage Destinations” opens.
  2. Click [Add] to add a new destination. The window “Destination Details” opens. XU_azure_Destination
  3. Select the Azure Storage destination from the drop-down list.

The window “Destination Details” consists of two tabs:

  • Blob Storage Settings
  • CSV Settings

Blob Storage Settings #

The tab Blob Storage Settings consists of two subsections:

  • Connection
  • Container xu-azure-blob-con-01


Account name
Storage account name.

Access key of the Azure storage account.

Button to establish a connection.
If the connection is successful, a “Connection successful” info window opens.
Click [OK] to confirm.


Allows selecting a Blob container into which, the extracted data is written.

CSV Settings #

The settings in the tab CSV Settings correspond to the ones in the general http-csv settings.