When you click the Destination button, you can set extraction-specific settings for the destination.


Table Name

determines the name of the target table. You have the following options:

  • Same as name of SAP object: Copy the name of the SAP object
  • Same as name of extraction: Adopt name of extraction
  • Custom: Here you can define your own name.

  • Append timestamp: adds the current timestamp in the format [_YYYY_MM_DD_hh_mm_ss_fff] to the file name of the extraction.

Column Name Style

Defines the column name. The following options are available:


  • Code: The technical column name from SAP is used as the column name, for example, e.g. MAKTX
  • PrefixedCode: The technical name of the table is linked to the tilde character and the corresponding column name, e.g. MAKT~MAKTX
  • CodeAndText: The technical name and the description of the column from SAP are linked with an underscore and used as column names, e.g. MAKTX_Material Description (Short Text)
  • TextAndCode: The description and the technical name of the column SAP are linked with an underscore and used as column names, e.g. Material Description (Short Text)_MAKTX

Date conversion

Convert date strings
Converts the character-type SAP date (YYYYMMDD, for example, 19900101) to a formatted date (YYYY-MM-DD, for example, 1990-01-01). In the data target, the SAP date does not have a string data type but a real date type.

Convert invalid dates to
If an SAP date cannot be converted to a valid date, this default date value is used. invalid value is then converted to the entered date. NULL is supported as a value.

When an invalid SAP date is converted, the two special cases 00000000 and 9999XXXX are checked first.

Convert 00000000 to
Converts the SAP date 00000000 to this value.

Convert 9999XXXX to
Converts the SAP date 9999XXXX to this value.


The data is transferred uncompressed and stored as a csv file.

The data is transferred compressed and stored as a gz file.

Blob Type

Append Blob
Consists of blocks, analogous to Blob Type, and are optimized for attachment operations.

Block Blob
Text and binary data consisting of data blocks that can be managed individually.

After the successful extraction you will find the data in the Azure BLOB Storage.