In this example we will explain how to configure and use AnySQL Maestro to manage your Redshift database. You can use any other db client for that matter. Steps should be similar.

  • Download and install AnySQL Maestro from here.
  • Download and install ODBC driver for PostgreSQL from here.
  • Launch AnySQL Maestro.
  • Click “Create Database Profiles”.


  • In the Create Database Profiles Wizard, click on the button next to the Connection string field.


  • Go to “Connection” and enable “Use connection string” then click “Build…”.
  • Go to “Machine Data Source” and Click “New…” (There might be a pop up with a warning, you can just close it with a click on “Ok”).

  • Click “Next” and choose “PostgreSQL Unicode”, then click “Next” and “Finish”.


  • Enter your credentials, click “Test” to check if they are correct and click “Save”.


  • Choose your connection and click “Ok”.
  • Enter the database name and your credentials and select SSL-Mode “allow”, then click “OK”.

  • Enter your credentials and select the initial catalog, then click “OK”.


  • Click “Next”, then “Ready”.
  • Now you can work with your Database .