The following settings can be made when setting up an AWS S3 connection.


Inherit Credentials from IAM role
The credentials and permissions of the IAM role, that has been assigned to the EC2 instance which Xtract Universal is running on, will be used for authentication.

Access key ID and Secret key
This is how you authenticate against Amazon AWS. You can determine these values via AWS Identiy and Access Managment (IAM). Please see AWS documentation for further information.

After entering Access key ID and Secret key, click on the Connect button. After successfully connecting you can select bucket name and region.

Bucket name and Region
Select a bucket and a region this bucket is located in. The SAP data will be extracted into this bucket. ATTENTION: The drop down menus list all available buckets and regions so you won’t be prevented from selecting a wrong combination of bucket/region. Please validate the connectivity to the selected bucket by clicking on the the “Test Connection” button.

Test Connection
Validates the right combination of bucket and region. Validates that the bucket is reachable from Xtract Universal using the entered access keys.

Server-side encryption
Encrypts the data after the data has been uploaded to S3.
NOTE: This setting does not relate to transport encyption between Xtract Universal and S3. By default, the channel for sending data to S3 is always encrypted.

  • None
    Sever sided encryption of data not active.

  • SSE-S3
    Encrypts data using the by default available S3 user account encryptiong key (S3 Managed Encryption Keys).

  • SSE-KMS und Key ID
    Encryption using a custom encrpytion key created on AWS (AWS Key Management Services). You can create the key from here

CSV Settings:
The settings in the tab CSV Settings correspond to the ones in the general http-csv settings.