In this example we will extract SAP Plants to Alteryx Connect.

We have defined the following extraction:


We are using the following Alteryx Connect Destination:


As described in the Alteryx Connect Help we have defined two configuration files and uploaded them:

  • Table configuration file: sapplants.xml
  • Load job configuration file: load-theobald-sapplant.xml

In the destination settings we set the option to execute the job defined as xml file in the last step.
The extraction loads the data into a stage table called EXT_PLANTS.
The load job maps between the stage table and the Connect Interface.


In Alteryx Connect we have created a Datasource Folder SAP Plant Test:


After we execute the extraction we can check the stage in the Administration Console:


We see also that the load job has been executed:


We can also check the log too:


Now we can check the Entries:


You can also find the XML configuration files on GitHub.