The Power BI Custom Connector exposes Xtract Universal custom parameters in Power BI Desktop. This way Xtract Universal custom parameters can be populated with values when executing an extraction from Power BI Desktop. See below.

Power BI Custom Connector #

When using the Power BI Custom Connector, XU custom parameters can be populated when setting up the



Power Query M-script #

Replace below part of the Power Query M-script with actual values or with parameters defined in Power BI.

    // Record containing run parameters with corresponding values, can be empty
    // Usage: <XU parameter name>= <value or Power BI parameter>
    // MUST NOT use "name" as a record field here
    Parameters = [ /*rows= "300", myparameter= SomePowerBIParameter*/ ],

Replacement with actual values. XU-Custom-Parameter-exposed

Replacement with Power BI parameters. XU-Custom-Parameter-exposed