Requirements #

For using the Power BI service you require:

Connection from Power BI service to Xtract Universal is possible via Power Query M-script or Power BI custom connector.

When using the Power Query M-script, no further configuration is required.

When using the Power BI custom connector, proceed as follows:

  1. Configure the on-premises data gateway.
  2. Configure the Power BI service gateway to support custom data connectors.



Adding Xtract Universal as data source #


Data Source Name: Enter a random name for your Xtract Universal Power BI data source.

Data Source Type: Select Xtract Universal Extraction from the drop down menu.
If this entry is not visible, make sure the settings in the section Requirements, at the top of the page, are correct.

Xtract Universal Server: Type in the address of your on-premises Xtract Universal (web) server.

Authentication Method: see Single Sign On and SAP authentication

Advanced settings: Leave default.

After filling the fields with the correct information, click on Apply button. A Connection Succesful message appears, if the data source is setup correctly.