Instead of using the Power BI Custom Connector you can use a custom Power Query M-script for connecting to Xtract Universal. This Power Query M-script is delivered in a text file named loading script. This file is located in the powerbi folder inside the installation directory of Xtract Universal.

Setup #

Attention: The Power Query M-script and the Power BI Custom Connector are not related. Use Power Query M-script or the Power BI Custom Connector.

How to use the Power Query M-script in Power BI #

  1. Create a new Power BI report using a Blank Query as data source.
  2. Open the Advanced Editor.
  3. Open the Xtract Universal loading_script in any text editor.
  4. Copy the complete content into the Advanced Editor window in Power BI.
  5. Change the values for ExtractionName and the ServerURL to match the names of your Xtract Universal extraction and web server.
    Attention: Only use extractions that are set to Power BI Connector destination in Xtract Universal.
  6. Close the Advanced Editor.
  7. Click on Close & Apply.
  8. When prompted for Anonymous, Basic or Windows authentication, follow the steps as outlined in Single Sign On and SAP authentication