To change the server settings, please click on the main menu on Server -> Settings.

There are two tabs to change the server settings: Configuration Server and Web Server.


Defines the port number, where the server communicates with the designer. The default is 8064. If you set a different port, you will need to add this portnumber to the host name on the logon screen. [host name]:[port]

Max. age of log files (days)
Defines the maximum age of the congig server log files in days. After this period, the log files are beeing deleted.

Authentication methods
see chapter User Management

Select X.509 certificate

  1. Have your IT network team create a TLS certificate.
  2. This certificate needs to be placed in the Windows Certificate Store.
  3. Make sure the certificate has the property “Subject Alternative Name” populated with the DNS name of the server where the Xtract Universal service is running. Otherwise it won’t appear in our lookup dialog.

Access Management
see chapter Access Management


HTTP / HTTP port
Defines the port number, on which the XU server receives HTTP requests of an extraction.

Enables the secure datatranfer via HTTPS.

It allows you to configure HTTP, HTTPS or both protocol types. The run statement generates an HTTPS-URL if HTTPS is activated, even if HTTP is activated.

If you want to receive data via HTTPS you have to install a TLS-Certificate on the server where the Xtract Universal service is running. This certificate must contain the hostname of the server in the common name (CN) attribute and must be released by a certified authority.

If you want to get further information please have a look at our blog.

Max. parallel requests
Defines the maximum number of different extractions that can be processed simultaneously. Two extraction requests are only different when they call extractions with different names.

Max. age of log files (days)
Defines the maximum age of the webserver log files in days. After that the log files will be deleted.

Enable setup distribution for clients
Defines, whether the setup of the Xtract Universal version running on the server should be downloaded. When an older XU designer version is connected to a newer XU server version, you will be prompted to download and update the designer with the XU version.

Result cache
Target directory
Sets the directory for the buffer files. The default ist the result-cache folder in the Xtract Universal installation directory.

Max. cached runs
Defines the maximum count of results of different extractions in the buffer.

Max. age (minutes)
Defines the maximum age in minutes of an extraction in the buffer.

HTTP client filter
see chapter on Server Security.