Security Tab

You find the Security tab under Server -> Server Settings.
On the Security tab you can specify which computer has the right to execute extractions via HTTP.


Allow HTTP access to everybody
There are no limitations. Every machine is allowed to execute extractions.

Restrict HTTP access to specific machines
Only defined computers are allowed to execute extractions.

To define a restriction select Restrict HTTP access to specific machines and click the Add button.


Now you can set the restrictions for single computers (IP-address) of for computers from a specified subnet or a special name pattern. To define a name pattern you can use regular expressions.

Only local access

Set the IP to ::1 to allow the execution of the extractions only on the localhost, i.e. on the machine, where Xtract Universal server is running. Requests from other machines will therefore not be executed.

On most computer systems, “localhost” resolves to the IP address, which is the most commonly used IPv4 loopback address, and to the IPv6 loopback address ::1 .