The report component requires the installation of a custom function module in your SAP system.

Installation with an SAP transport #

Installation of the function module using the transport request supplied.
The transport request is located in the following installation directory C:\Program Files\[XtractProduct]\ABAP\

Manual installation of function module Z_XTRACT_IS_REMOTE_REPORT #

  1. Call transaction SE80 - Object Navigator to create a new function group, e.g. ZXTRACT Create_new_function_group
  2. Call transaction SE37 to create a new function module. The name should be Z_XTRACT_IS_REMOTE_REPORT, but can be changed if necessary.
  3. Set the Processing Type of the module to Remote-Enabled Module (remote-enabled). Report_function_attributes
  4. Create the module signature according to the following screenshots. Report_function_import Report_function_export Report_function_tables Report_function_exceptions
  5. Copy the source code with [Ctrl+C] and [Ctrl+V] from the file C:\Program Files\[Xtract Product]\ABAP\Z_XTRACT_IS_REMOTE_REPORT.txt into the code editor - tab Source Code. Report_function_source
  6. Save and activate the module.

Tip: The functionality of the module Z_XTRACT_IS_REMOTE_REPORT can be understood from reading the source code. All steps for execution, job monitoring and spool retrieval are commented in the source code.

SAP Standard Data Type TAB512 #

Instead of using the SAP standard data type TAB512 for the LIST_OUTPUT table parameter, you can create your own Z data type.
This is necessary if the output length of a report line is more than 512 characters. The maximum possible length is 1023 characters. SAPCust-Report-ListOutput

Note: The exception LIST_FROM_MEMORY_NOT_FOUND is thrown if the report does not return a result.