This step is optional and shows how to display the extraction result in a web browser to make sure that the extraction runs properly and delivers the appropriate result.

Defining the extraction properties #

  1. To open the extraction settings, click [Run].
    The window “Run Extraction” opens.
  2. Specify details of the execution with parameters, if needed.

To set the extraction parameters #

  1. In the window “Run Extraction”, select the checkbox of the parameter you want to override.
  2. Enter the value. The actual request of the data occurs via URL:
    • Before changing a parameter: http://localhost:8065?name=Plants
    • After choosing the parameter rows: http://localhost:8065?name=Plants&rows=100
  3. Run an extraction in xu.exe. The settings change during runtime, no new start is necessary.

Additional parameters such as Package size or Row limit etc. are described in section Extraction settings.

Running an extraction in a browser #

To run the extraction in a browser, click [Run in Browser]. Your default browser opens and displays the data in accordance with the criteria and format.


Scheduling an extraction #

Scheduling extractions at a later time is possible with the Windows task scheduler. To use the task scheduler functionality, run Xtract Universal from a command line.