Helpful transactions in the SAP system to use with DataSources

RSA3 - Extractor Checker
RSA5 - Installation of DataSources and Hierarchies from Business Content
RSA6 - Postprocess DataSources and Hierarchies
RSA7 - Delta queue maintenance
SBIW - Business Content DataSources
SM37 - Background jobs
SM50 - Process overview
SM58 - Transactional RFC
SM59 - Configuration of RFC Connections
SMGW - Gateway Monitor
SMQ1 - qRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue)
WE02 - IDoc list

Running DeltaQ extractions in parallel

You can run several DeltaQ extractions using the same RFC destination in parallel. However, we recommend using a distinct RFC destination (XTRACT01, XTRACT02, etc.) for each DeltaQ extraction that runs in parallel.

Helpful links when working with extractors (DataSources)

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[] (

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