The following section shows how to use the BW Hierarchy component.

Look Up a Hierarchy #

  1. In the main window of the component click [Search] ( magnifying-glass icon). The window “Hierarchy Lookup” opens.
  2. Enter the name of a Hierarchy in the field Hierarchy Name or the name of an InfoObject in the field InfoObject (1). Use wildcards (*) if needed.
    Look Up Hierarchy
  3. Click magnifying-glass and select the Hierarchy of your choice from the displayed list (2).
  4. Click [Select] to confirm.

Format the Output #

  1. Click [Extraction Settings] (3) to define the output format of the Hierarchy, see Extraction Settings. Hierarchy
  2. Click [Load live preview] (4) to display a live preview of the data without running an extraction.
  3. Optional: Open the general settings to set primary keys, encryption and other settings. For more information, see General Settings.
  4. Optional: The default value for Date To is 99991231. To change the value, override the dateTo runtime parameter in the “Run Extraction” window.