About #

Xtract Universal offers a Web API which allows querying different meta information from Xtract Universal through a web call. The following section contains information about the available metadata and the URLs to retrieve that data.

Note: The sections on Metadata of an extraction, Parameters and Extraction List are marked as deprecated as of version 4.27.1. Access the metadata via the http-json-API.

Metadata of an extraction #

The URL pattern is:


[extractionName] has to be replaced with the actual name of the extraction.

The metadata table has the followig schema:

Column Type Description
POSITION Integer column position
NAME String column name
DESC String column description
TYPE single-digit ABAP datatype ID ABAP datatype
LENGTH Integer column width
DECIMALS Integer number of decimal places
KEY boolean column is Primary Key of extraction

The “single-digit ABAP datatype ID” is defined in the SAP help pages.

Calling the metadata of extraction BSEG using this URL: http://localhost:8065/metadata/?name=BSEG returns the following result:

1,BUKRS,Company Code,C,4,0,true
2,BELNR,Accounting Document Number,C,10,0,true
3,GJAHR,Fiscal Year,N,4,0,true
4,BUZEI,Number of Line Item Within Accounting Document,N,3,0,true
5,BUZID,Identification of the Line Item,C,1,0,false
6,AUGDT,Clearing Date,D,8,0,false
7,DMBTR,Amount in Local Currency,P,15,2,false
8,KZBTR,Original Reduction Amount in Local Currency,P,15,2,false

Note: Date fields like AUGDT have data type D (column TYPE) if Date Conversion in the Destination Settings is active. If inactive, the data type is C.

Parameters #

Every extraction has a set of Extraction, Source and Custom runtime parameters. These parameters are shown in the Xtract Universal Designer’s “Run Extraction” window.

The URL pattern is:


This delivers a list of runtime parameters.

Calling the metadata of extraction plants using this URL: http://localhost:8065/parameters/?name=plants returns the following result:

preview,Enable/disable preview mode,Extraction,Flag,False
clearBuffer,Clear/keep the result buffer,Extraction,Flag,False
source,Sets the name of the source,Extraction,Text,saperp
destination,Sets the name of the destination,Extraction,Text,http-csv
wait,Wait until the extraction is finished,Extraction,Flag,True
rows,Maximum number of rows,Extraction,Number,0
where,Where Clause,Extraction,Text,WERKS >= ‘1000’ AND ORT01 <> ‘Freiburg’
packageSize,Package Size,Extraction,Number,5000
decimalSeparator,Symbol between integer and fractional part,Extraction,Text,
columnSeparator,Symbol which indicates the start of a new column,Extraction,Text,
lang,Logon Language,Connection,Text,EN
logonTicket,SAP Logon Ticket,Connection,Text,

Extraction List #

A list of all extractions defined in Xtract Universal can be retrieved by the following URL pattern:


Calling http://localhost:8065/ returns a list of extractions with the following structure:

Product version #

The installed version of Xtract Universal can be retrieved by the following URL pattern:


Xtract Universal’s version history can be retreived by the following URL pattern:


A list of all extractions on the server can be retrieved by the using the base URL without any parameters:


Log Access via Web Service #

The chapter Log Access via Web Service describes further use cases of Xtract Universal’s metadata Web API.