You are also able to call the metadata information of an extraction using an HTTP URL.

Columns of an extraction

The URL pattern is: http://[host]:[port]/metadata/?name=[extractionName]

[extractionName] has to be replaced with the extraction name.

The metadata table has the followig schema:

Column Type Description
POSITION Integer column position
NAME String column name
DESC String column description
TYPE single-digit ABAP Datentyp ID ABAP Datatype
LENGTH Integer column length
DECIMALS Integer number of decimal places

The “single-digit ABAP datatype ID” ist defined here:

The embedded ABAP datatypes are definded here:

Example: If you call the metadata of the extraction plants using the URL


the following result will be displayed:
2,KUNNR,Customer number of plant,C,10,0
3,NAME2,Name 2,C,30,0

Parameters (Variables)

The URL http://[host]:[port]/parameters/?name=[extractionName]
delivers the list of the available parameters including the custom ones, that will be shown in the Run dialog.

In the following examples the URL delivers the following parameters: http://localhost:8065/parameters/?name=plants

preview,Enable/disable preview mode,Extraction,Flag,False
clearBuffer,Clear/keep the result buffer,Extraction,Flag,False
source,Sets the name of the source,Extraction,Text,saperp
destination,Sets the name of the destination,Extraction,Text,http-csv
wait,Wait until the extraction is finished,Extraction,Flag,True
rows,Maximum number of rows,Extraction,Number,0
where,Where Clause,Extraction,Text,WERKS >= '1000' AND ORT01 <> 'Freiburg'
packageSize,Package Size,Extraction,Number,5000
decimalSeparator,Symbol between integer and fractional part,Extraction,Text,
columnSeparator,Symbol which indicates the start of a new column,Extraction,Text,
lang,Logon Language,Connection,Text,EN
logonTicket,SAP Logon Ticket,Connection,Text,

Extraction List

You can get an extraction list if you call the basis URL without parameter:
Product version

You can find out the current verion numbers by using the following HTTP requests: