The designer offers several functions for an extraction which we describe below. Simple and self explaining function will not be explained.

File -> Import

This command imports an extraction. To import an extraction named XtractFile select the file XtractFileConfig.xml. Optionally, you can select the file XtractFileMetadata.xml too.

File -> Export

This command exports an extraction.

File -> Reset Preferences

This command resets the settings of Log Viewer, last SAP Connection and Server URL.

Extraction -> Abort

This command aborts the execution of an extraction.

Extraction -> Clear Buffer

This command clears an extraction from the buffer. At the next execution of the extraction, data will be fetched from the SAP system.

Extraction -> Filter

This window provides extraction’s search by name and keyword. You can use * as placeholder for zero or more characters. Regular expressions are also supported.

Server -> Manage Sources

This command manages the SAP source connections.

Server -> Manage Destinations

This command manages the destination connections.

Designer also provides buttons for direct call of selected functions. The functions are also accessible through keyboard shortcuts, which you can find in the menu items.