The Xtract RS Component Suite fully supports 64-bit environments.

The installation package installs the DLLs described in Chapter Installation on your computer, ready to be used in 32 and 64-bit modes.

To run Xtract RS in 32-bit mode, the 32-bit version of librfc32.dll must be placed in [WindowsDir]\SysWow64.This is valid for x64 processors only. A 32-bit version is not available for iA64 processors.

To run Xtract RS in 64-bit mode, the 64-bit version of librfc32.dll must be placed in [WindowsDir]\System32. This is valid for x64 and IA64 processor types. You will find a copy of the 64-bit version of the librfc32.dll in the SAPNet download center or you can ask your SAP system administrator for it.

To download the librfc32.dll, refer to the following page Theobald Products in a 64-bit environment. The assemblies have the same name and but a different file size.