After successfully installing Xtract IS the Xtract IS components are automatically available in the SSIS Toolbox of a Data Flow Task in your Visual Studio Integration Services Project.


Attention: With the latest version of SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2015 SQL Server vNext or SQL Server 2017 will be the default selection for the Deployment Target Version for SSIS projects. With this setting, the Xtract IS components will not be visible in the SSIS toolbox. Please change the Deployment Target Version to SQL Server 2016 to display the Xtract IS components in the toolbox.


To make the components available in the toolbox of Visual Studio 2008 or earlier, you may need to open a new data flow task and right-click on the toolbox. In the context menu, click Choose Elements. In the dialog window, select the SSIS Data Flow Items register card (see screenshot below). If everything has been correctly installed, the Xtract IS components can be found and selected in this list.