To be able to use Xtract IS, the file XtractISSetup.exe must be executed both in the local development environment (visual studio or SSDT) and on the SSIS server. This means that the Xtract IS installation routine must be installed on both environments.

Normal Setup #

In the standard setup, execute the XtractISSetup.exe file and follow the instructions of the setup program.

During setup, various DLLs are copied to certain directories so that they can be used by Integration Services.

The installation of the license file is described in the chapter Installing the license.

Silent Setup #

The setup program can also be started without the GUI. If you want to start it that way you have to use the switch /S . Using the switch /D you can set the installation path.

You can find more settings for the setup on the following website (Command Line Usage).

All switches are case sensitive.


You can transfer the licence file as an argument to the XtractLicenseManager. This file will be installed without a GUI. In case of an error a message box will pop up and a corresponding error code will be returned.

Blocking, Exit-Codes and authorization

If you want the setup programm or the license manager to block the calling process (e.g. a batch) until the installation has finished and to receive a correct exit code to check that the installation has finished correctly, you have to use the start statement with the /w switch.

Both programs need administration rights.


start /w XtractISSetup.exe /S
start /w XtractLicenseManager.exe "My License\XtractIS.License.json"
start /w XtractLicenseManager.exe XtractIS.License.json

The list below shows some of the files that are placed on your system during installation.

Directory \XtractIS:

filename description
ABAP folder contains customer-specific function modules (.txt) and SAP transport requests (.zip)
InstallXtractIS.exe console program for installing and registering the components on your system
XtractISConversionPreparer.exe use this tool after upgrading your SSIS version (see chapter SSIS Migration).
XtractLicenseManager.exe a program to manage and view your licenses
uninst.exe tool for uninstalling Xtract IS
gac-uninstall.bat this tool clears the GAC of all Xtract related components
Eula_XtractIS.rtf Contains the license agreement for the use of the software XtractIS
  • dll files must be registered in the system’s Global Assembly Cache GAC