Use the Settings link in the editor to open the Settings dialog as shown in the picture below.


Max Rows
Maximum numbers of rows to be extracted. The value 0 means unlimited amount of rows.

Package Size
The number of rows that are extracted with one single RFC call. If you want to download more than 20,000 data rows, please set this parameter to a value between 15,000 and 50,000 to avoid timeouts.

Custom Function
Name of the custom function that should be used to avoid SAP restrictions.

Automatic String Conversion
All strings are converted into VarChar strings if the source system is non-Unicode, and all strings are converted into NVarChar if the source system is Unicode.

Convert Strings to VarChar
All strings are converted to VarChar regardless if the source system is Unicode or not.

Convert Strings to NVarChar
All strings are converted to NVarChar regardless if the source system is Unicode or not.

Automatic Date conversion
Converts the values of an SAP date formated value into a SQL formatted (YYYYMMDD) date value. In case of no convertible date values you have to enter a default date value into the text box. Every invalid value will be converted into this value. NULL is supported as value.

Use Field Exits
defines wether the conversion routines should be used. Typical examples are the language key (e.g. D in the database, but DE after conversion) or the project number (e.g. T000012738GT in the database, but T/12738/GT after conversion). After conversion, the value is always displayed, as it would appear in the SAP GUI.