Use the Setting link to open up the settings dialog.


General #

Package Size
This defines how many data rows will be transferred with one single access. This parameter depends on the BW system and what will be done with the data in further processes. Values between 2000 and 20000 usually offer the best performance.

Wait data transfer to be finished
If this option is checked, the component waits until data processing is completed. You will receive additional error messages if data processing fails.

Trigger Process Chain
If you want to trigger a process chain after uploading just type in the name of the process chain here.

SAP BI 3rd party notification #

No InfoPackage Start
The best way to upload data is to trigger the InfoPackage (default value). Under some conditions it might be useful not to trigger the InfoPackage but only to wait for notification (sleeping mode). In this case check this option.

Use external Notifier
See chapter External Notification.

Request ID variable
See chapter External Notification.

Performance Improvement #

Debug Details
Generates more detailed log entries to enable easier error detection

Enable Parallel Processing
Enables multiple Uploads at the same time.

Allow multiple SAP connections
Allows to establish more than one connection to SAP which improves performance.

Max. Number of Threads
Maximum number of application threads that prepare the packages to be uploaded.