The following section gives an overview over the Xtract IS Table component. XIS_Table_overview

Extraction types of Xtract IS Table component #

  • Table: Enables mass data extraction directly from SAP tables and views.
  • Table Join: Allows joining two or more SAP tables on the SAP side before extracting.

Objects supported by Xtract IS Table component #

  • Transparent tables
  • Views
  • ABAP CDS views
  • Pool tables (joining not possible)
  • Cluster tables (joining not possible)

To use Xtract Table component #

  1. Select the Xtract Table component from the SSIS toolbox.
  2. Drag & drop the component to the data flow task.
  3. Double-click the Xtract Table icon. The window “Extract Single and Joint SAP Tables or Views” opens.

The following sections give an overview over the functions that can be accessed over the window “Extract Single and Joint SAP Tables or Views”. Table_define_source

Tables and Fields

Extracting Table Data

Table Joins

WHERE Clause


Extraction settings

Avoid Restrictions