About licensing concept of Xtract IS for Azure #

The following graphic shows on which workstations the installation of Xtract IS for Azure is required to have a valid license.

Xtract IS for Azure is licensed per source system and Integration Runtime (IR). The same license file can be used on the local workstations to develop the SSIS packages. A demo license is automatically installed with the installation of Xtract IS for Azure.
A regular license is provided, after purchasing the product. The product license is bound to your company.

Maintenance #

General information on maintenance pricing is available on the official website of Theobald Software and at My Theobald Software - Portal for Customers and Partners. Contact the sales department for more information about available maintenance options.
In case of technical difficulties, contact the support team.

Installing the Xtract IS for Azure license - XtractISLicense.json #

  1. For installing the regular license, find and double-click the Xtract IS for Azure License Manager executable file in the installation directory of Xtract IS for Azure:
    C:\Program Files\XtractIS\XtractLicenseManager.exe
    The license manager opens. XIS_License_Manager
  2. Click [Install]. The window “Install Xtract License” opens.
  3. Locate and select the provided “XtractISLicense.json” file you downloaded from the Customer Portal - My Theobald Software.
  4. Close and restart the license manager to view the properly installed license.

Tip: To inspect your current license data, click the Xtract IS for Azure Info link located at the top of each component editor.

Updating the Xtract.License.dll to XtractISLicense.json #

The older version of Xtract IS for Azure license file is a .dll-file that was registered in the GAC. In the newer versions of Xtract IS for Azure license file is provided in form of a .json-file.
Copy the XtractISLicense.json into one of the following paths:
or C:\ProgramData\TheobaldSoftware\XtractIS\
If you have an older .dll license file, remove the older version to be able to use the newer version.

To remove the former Xtract.License.dll from GAC

  1. Run Windows CMD as administrator.
  2. Run the uninstall license file: C:\Program Files\XtractIS>UninstallDllLicense.bat
    The .dll license is removed.
  3. Perform the installation of the newer XtractISLicense.json file.