To Open Extraction Settings #

  1. In the main window of the component click Extraction Settings. The window “Hierarchy Settings” opens. Hierarchies-Parent-Child
  2. Change the settings, if needed.
  3. Click [OK] to confirm.

Hierachy Settings #

The window “Hierarchy Settings” contains two subsections:

  • Extraction Settings
  • Natural Representation Settings

Extraction Settings


  • ParentChild: The hierarchy is represented in the SAP parent-child format. Hierarchies-Parent-Child
  • Natural: The SAP parent-child hierarchy is transformed into a regular hierarchy.

Remove Leading Zeros
Removes all leading zeros (via ALPHA conversion) in the column NodeName. NodeName can then be used in a join condition with the corresponding Dimension-Key of a BWCube extraction.
Works also for compound InfoObjects.
Example: 0CO_AREA (1000) and 0COSTCENTER (0000003100) will become 1000/3100.

Fetch description texts
Sets the field NodeText to the node text based on the system language settings.

Natural Representation Settings

Note: the subsection Natural Representation Settings is only active, when Representation is set to value Natural.

Level Count
Defines the maximum number of levels. The following example depicts the previously shown hierarchy with five levels and in the representation set to Natural. Hierarchy-Parent-Child-Natural

Fill empty levels
Copies the bottom element of the hierarchy until the last level. The following example depicts the previously shown hierarchy with the activated Repeat Leaves option. Hierarchy-Parent-Child-Repeat

Description texts for levels
Sets the output field LevelTextN for each field LevelN containing the text based on the system language settings.

Leaves only
Delivers only the leaves as data records. Hierarchy-Parent-Child-Repeat