Click on the “Extraction Settings” button to find and change the settings:

Package Size
defines how many data records are to be fetched from SAP in a data package.
Values between 10,000 and 100,000 are useful, but only if the data volume is large enough.
If the value is 0, then the complete result set is fetched in one go.

Row Limit
defines the maximum number of rows in the result set.
If the value is 0, then the complete result set is fetched.
For example, when testing, it may be useful to specify something other than 0 (e.g. 1000) here in order to test first with little data.
If you change the value, remember to set it to 0 again.

Automatic Slicing dimension This allows to set a dimension for an automatic slicing. Slicing is the act of picking a subset of a cube by choosing a single value for one of its dimensions. Automatic slicing means that a loop is executed for each single value of the chosen slicing dimension (characteristic) to extract the result from BW. This option allows the extraction of a large amount of data (millions of records) from BW, which was previously not possible due to errors on BW-side (such as buffer overflow and timeout). Be sure to choose the appropriate dimension for automatic slicing. In some cases you should select a dimension with more granular values (e.g. period or week).

Column Name Style
defines the logic for naming the columns:

  • Code names the columns with the technical name of the original element.
  • CodeAndText with the technical name and the plain text
  • TextAndCode with Larschrift and then the technical name