The following example depicts a successful BAPI extraction of a purchase requisition.

Running an Extraction #

  1. Define an input table (e.g., PRITEM) in your Alteryx Workflow. Make sure that the name of the table is identical to the name of the corresponding table in SAP.
  2. Drag and drop the Xtract BAPI component into your workflow and check the SAP connection (2).
  3. Connect your input table with the Xtract BAPI component (3).
  4. Select the Xtract BAPI component and click [Edit] to open extraction options. The window “Xtract BAPI” opens.
  5. Perform a BAPI look up and search for “BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE”.
  6. Within the “Xtract BAPI” window, navigate to tab Tables (5).
  7. Navigate to the mandatory field REQUISITION_ITEMS and select the created PRITEM table from the drop-down list (6).
  8. Mark the output checkbox by the field Return (7). In the “Configuration” window of the Alteryx Designer, check the section Output Mappings > Output Tables. The selected output field RETURN and the amount of output tables (here: one) are displayed.
  9. Run your Alteryx workflow.


Checking the Extraction Results #

Navigate to the “Result” window in Alteryx Designer and check the output: