Using BAPI Component #

  1. Drag and drop the BAPI component from the menu bar to the workflow canvas (1). The window “Configuration” opens.
  2. Fill in the connection data (2) similarly to the procedure described for the Table component.
  3. Within Selected Extraction, click [Edit] (3). The window “Xtract BAPI” opens. BAPI component

Looking up a BAPI #

  1. Click Search (4) to look for a BAPI. The window “Function Module Lookup” opens.
  2. In the field Function Name enter the name of a desired BAPI and click Search (5).
    Tip: Wildcard (*) can be used for searching. Look-Up-Function-Module
  3. Select the necessary BAPI from the search results (6).
  4. Click [OK] (7) to confirm the selection.
  5. The Xtract BAPI window displays the parameters of the selected BAPI. BAPI can have up to four parameter types: Imports, Exports, Changings and Tables. BAPI-Parameters