To use ERPConnect you need also the following SAP libraries.

The classic librfc32.dll assemblies

Please copy the 64-bit version of librfc32.dll in the \System32 folder.

The 32-Bit Version has to be copied in the \SysWoW64 folder.

To download the librfc32.dll please refer to the following page Theobald Products in a 64-bit environment. The assemblies have the same name and but a different file size.

Please make sure you also have the latest Visual C++ 2005 Runtime. You can get it here.


The exception for wrong or not available librfc32.dlls:

ERPConnect.ERPException: Cannot access librfc32.dll.Please put a 64-bit version of librfc32.dll in your System32 folder (typically C:\Windows\System32) and a 32-bit version of librfc32.dll in your SysWow64 folder (typically C:\Windows\SysWow64).