For using the Read SAP table Nintex Workflow Custom Action browse for the action Read SAP table in the Nintex Workflow Manager or open the menu item ERPConnect Services on the left side. All the Custom Actions provided by Theobald Software are listed there. Via drag & drop the Custom Actions can be added to the workflow.


After adding the Custom Action to the workflow you have to configure it.


In the configuration window you first have to select the ERPConnect Service Application. In the SAP table field you have to enter the SAP table which should be called. You can use the search button for seaching for a table on your SAP System.


With Load parameters all the values of the SAP table are loaded in the configuration screen.

XML output variable

You can select a predefined workflow variable here to store the XML output of the SAP table.


Column Selection

In the Column Selection you select the columns of the SAP table that should be displayed in the XML output. You can use Select all and Select None for the column selection.


Advanced Options

In the Advanced Options section additional processing options for the SAP table can be set.

Use custom function Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE: With this option Z-function module Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE is used for table extraction instead of the SAP standard extraction.


When using this function module for extraction it is possible

  • to extract tables whose overall length of all columns to be extracted exceed 512 bytes
  • to extract tables that contain at least one column of the type F (floating point)
  • to extract table TCURR which has various problems with meta data in the Data Dictionary

For further information about the installation of function module Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE check the section SAP Customizing.

Row count (0 = unlimited): With this function the overall number of rows displayed can be limited to a certain number. In standard the number is not limited.


Where Clause: With this function a Where Clause to be processed with the calling of the SAP table can be set.