The WebService Designer comes with a pre-built sample of a web service that returns customer data from an SAP ECC system. The sample web service definition can be found in the catalog of the WebService Designer. For this Getting Started scenario, we will use this pre-built sample.

Below the Operations window, select the New button.

The New Operation Dialog will be shown. Select Catalog to browse the web service catalog.


In the Catalog Dialog, select the CustomerWebService as the web service, then select GetCustomers as operation. Select OK.


Select OK in the New Operation Dialog to confirm your selection.


The GetCustomer operation will be displayed in the ECS Web Service Designer window. The operation has a START item with the name of the operation. Following the START item is an EXECUTE FUNCTION activity which calls the remote-enabled function module SD_RFC_CUSTOMER_GET in SAP. We will more closely examine this activity in the next steps. After the EXECUTE FUNCTION activity the web service process will terminate.