The next time when you start Visual Studio, you will find a new item ERPConnect Services Designer in your installed templates that you can add to your Visual Studio project.



Open the ECS Designer by double-clicking on the .ecs item in the Solution Explorer. With the Designer you can add components of the following types:

  • RFC Functions
  • Tables
  • XtractQLs


The components will be available within the specified context (ERPConnectServicesContext) and will also be shown in the ECS Explorer window in Visual Studio.

As a first step, select the Edit button next to Connection to specify the SAP connection parameters.


You can also load existing SAP connection parameters from ERPConnect Services using the Load Connection Data from ECS button. Specify the SAP account details in the Client, Username, Password and Language fields. For a single application server connection, specify the Hostname and Systemnummeror for a load balanced connection, specify the MessageServer, Group and SID.

You can use the Test Connection button to verify your settings.