The function module SD_RFC_CUSTOMER_GET is available in a standard SAP system and can be used to demonstrate and test RFC applications. As Import parameters, the function module accepts a customer number (KUNNR), a customer name (NAME1), or a combination of both. The function module returns the customer’s address data in form of a Tables parameter. The function module can accept wildcards as Import parameters and returns zero or more customer address records. The following code example illustrates how you can call the RFC_CUSTOMER_GET function module using ERPConnect Services:

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using ERPConnectServices; 
ERPConnectServiceClient client = new ERPConnectServiceClient("http://SERVERNAME"); 
ERPFunction function = client.CreateFunction("SD_RFC_CUSTOMER_GET"); 
function.Exports["NAME1"].ParamValue = "T*"; 
DataTable dt1 = function.Tables["CUSTOMER_T"].ToADOTable(); 
DataTable dt2 = function.Tables["CUSTOMER_T"].ToADOTable("ORT01 = 'CHICAGO'"); 
foreach(ERPStructure row in function.Tables["CUSTOMER_T"]) 
 Console.WriteLine(row["NAME1"] + ", " + row["ORT01"]);

The code will use the ERPConnectServices namespace. The CreateFunction method is used on an instance of a ERPConnectServiceClient to create an ERPFunction object.

The ERPFunction class defines collections for all types of function parameters, i.e. Export, Import, Changing and Tables parameters. The Execute method will send the execution request to ERPConnect Services. After successful execution, the results will be sent back to the client and the parameter collections are available for further processing. For SharePoint and Desktop applications, the ToADOTable helper function can be used to convert table data from type ERPTable to type DataTable. A method overload provides additional filtering capabilities on the data.

In the example, all customer address records are returned where the customer name begins with the letter T. The Import parameter NAME1 was set to T* before the execution. The customer records are returned in structure CUSTOMER_T of the Tables parameter and will be shown in the console window.

The following screen shows the contents of DataTable dt1: