For the Finder operation (Read Table) of a table entity you can define a where clause.


The WHERE clause must comply with the SAP OpenSQL syntax.

  • Before and after the equal sign, you must enter a space, eg YEAR = ‘1999 ‘. For YEAR= ‘1999 ‘, YEAR =’1999’ or YEAR=’1999’ you will get the error message ‘A dynamically specified column name is unknown’.
  • Floating point numbers must always be set in single quotation mark, e.g. KMENG > ‘10.3’. For KMENG > 10.3 you get the error message ‘The WHERE clause has an unexpected format’.
  • The Where clause must not contain any line break (return key).

You will find more information about the OpenSQL syntax on the SAP help site:

Values must have the internal SAP representation:

  • The date 01.01.1999 has the internal representation 19990101 (YYYYMMDD),
  • The year period 001.1999 has the internal representation 1999001 (YYYYPPP),
  • Numbers must have the leading zeros, e.g. customer number 1000 has the internal representation 0000001000.