An entity in your model describes the data structure of a business object. Using the BCS Connector, you can define a new entity based on either a table or a function module in SAP.

After you save a model to the SharePoint BCS, each entity is represented as an external content type (ECT).

To define a new entity, select the New button below the Entities field.


In the New Entity wizard, select the SAP object type that your new entity will be based on.

Table - Choose this object type if your entity is represented by a table or a view in your SAP system.
Function - Choose this object type if your entity is represented by a function module or BAPI in your SAP system.

Select the Next button to proceed.

In the following screen of the New Entity wizard, you can search for the object in the SAP system that represents your entity. Based on your previous selection, this can be a table or a function.

In the Type field, specify the name of the object in the SAP. You can use the wildcard characters percent (%) or asterisk ( * ) as placeholders for zero or more unknown characters or the underscore ( _ ) for a single unknown character in your search criteria.

Select the Search button to see a list of the objects that match your search criteria.


Select the desired object from the list. For table objects, this will complete the New Entity wizard and you can select the Finish button.

For function objects, you will select the Next button and then choose the function parameter which represents the structure of the entity. Select Finish to complete the New Entity wizard.