To use the generic services in the OpenApi definition you have to check the Add default actions to the definition option in the WebService Designer’s OpenAPI Options.

ECS Table Query

With the ECS Table Query action the call of any SAP table or view is possible. Drag & drop the action to the designer. You have the following configuration options:

Table Name
Name of the SAP table or view to be retrieved.

Row Skip

Row Count
Maximum numbers of rows to be extracted.

WHERE Clause to be used on the table. The WHERE clause must comply with the SAP OpenSQL syntax. Additional information can be found here.

Order By
You can define the sort criterion here, that is to say the table field that is used for sorting the result.

Custom Function
This field contains the name of the custom function module used for the table extraction. Supported is the use of custom function Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE which allows to extract large SAP tables or tables with certain restrictive characteristics.

Use Multibyte Extraktion

Columns To Retrieve

Table Name