ECS Core supports authentication via API Key (Application ProgrammingInterface Key).

API keys can be used as an authorization method when access should not use private user data. An API key acts therefore as an unique identifier so that not every single user has to athenticate indivdually. API Key is the typical authentication method, when flexible, user agnostic authentication is required (Keys could be added, regenerated, or removed easily).

Detailed information on all supported authentication methods can be found here.

To add a new API key click on Add API Key in the API Keys folder. You have to assign a new API Key to a user. Only valid Windows users with valid Windows password are allowed.

After creating the key it will be shown in the API Keys section. You can use it now from a source Application for authentication (note, that it might be needed to clear the caches as it is described in Services Site).

Click on the API Key to see the options Update, Remove and Show BASE64 encoded API Key.

You need the Update option if the Windows user credentials have changed. BASE64 encoded API Keys are required in some applications (i.e. REST client authorization header).