The Services site can be found by default under http://localhost:8085. This page is especially for testing the ECSCore configuration made on the Management Site.

Note that only a local Windows user can be used to connect to the Services site no domain user.

The Services Site can be opened via IIS Manager which is available in your Windows start menu. Default port is 8080 (http://localhost:8080). You can bookmark the web site in your internet browser then.


You can use the following services:

Clear caches

IIS tends to do much Caching to spare CPU on compiling and fetching the page each time. That means, that if you update a setting on Management Site you have to Clear caches to insure effective settings are being propagated to clients.



Test services

Checks the reachability of a particular SAP-System as well as the validity of provided Credentials.


Setup Azure Service Bus

This section shows the current state of the Azure Service Bus registration (connected or not connceted). To connect manually from here is only necessary when the Azure Service Bus registration is set to false in the web.config file or it was disconnected somehow unintentionally.