In the Secure Stores ribbon you can add a Secure Store to connect specific Windows credentials with SAP User. Doing this the windows user gets seamless access to the SAP System with individual User and password.

First go to the Secure Stores menu:

Click the Add Secure Store button and select an appropriate name for a new Secure Store (e. g. ts_store).

The newly created Secure Store will be shown on the left side of the screen. Click the Credentials tab where you can define the user credentials.

Add Credentials to enter new user credentials.

In this example Windows User hans.mueller will be mapped to SAP User hmueller when current ts_store Secure Store is selected.

The user is then shown in the Credentials tab below Name.

If a user new tries to authenticate against ECSCore with Windows user hans.mueller he will access the SAP system with logon user hmueller.
A Secure Store can consist of many user connections. A SAP user must have at least five characters.

Now you can select select the above created Secure Store in the Services Section as authentication method: