Access via Azure Service Bus can be used for deploying and consuming web services built with the WebService Designer.
How to create cloud enabled ECS Core web services is explained here.
Basic information about web service authentication with ECS Core is described in this chapter.

Authentication between the WebService Designer and ECS Core

For the web service deployment to ECS Core you have to define the connection settings in the connection dialog.

Connection settings with Azure Service Bus and API Key:


API Key: ECS Core API key (BASE64 encoded or not)


Basic Authentication with Azure Service Bus is also supported.

Authentication between a web service consumer and ECS Core

To consume the web service in a REST client for example you have to provide the following information for the web service call (example with Postman REST client).

General settings:

Web service method: POST
Web service URL: https://[Azure Service Bus name][web service name]/[name of the web service operation]
Params: Scalar input parameters (will be added automatically to the URL)


Type: No Auth


Authorization: APIKEY [BASE64 encoded ECSCore API Key]
Accept: application/json (XML not supported)
Content-Type: application/json (XML not supported)


Basic Authentication with Azure Service Bus is also supported for web service calls.