To be able to test a web service, you must first deploy it to the ECS Core Server. To facilitate testing the service in a REST client, you can look up the settings in the Web Service Test Data Generation dialog and copy them from there.


The following settings are displayed in the dialog:

Operation Endpoint with URL parameters
The Web service URL with dummy port 9999 is displayed. If the service contains scalar input parameters, these are listed directly in the URL.
With Copy to clipboard the web service URL is copied to the clipboard.

Query String
All scalar input parameters are listed in the Query String window.

Request Body
Complex input parameters such as lists (List-Of) and structure parameters are displayed in this window. By default, there are two positions for entering list parameters.
With Copy to clipboard the content of the request body is copied to the clipboard.

Validate JSON
With Validate JSON the JSON string of the web service is checked and validated for correctness.