First, create a new web service operation and give it a name.

First, create a new web service operation and give it a name.

Drag & drop the activity Execute Table to the flowchart.


In the Search Table dialog, you can search for and select the required SAP table.


In the example, we select individual lines of the SAP table. To do this, call the Table Field Selection Dialog in the Selected Fields menu field. Alternatively, you can use a function module for table extraction in the Custom Function field.


To carry out the mapping of the output values in the activity dialog, you first have to define the corresponding Custom Data Types and Parameters. Confirm the activity dialog with OK without making any further entries and switch to the overview page. There you can create the required values.


Define a name for the data type. You can either create a new data type with New or import the required SAP table fields using the import button.



The required SAP table can be searched for and selected under Import Properties Dialog.


The selection of the fields to be imported can be restricted in the following dialog mask.
The names of the fields can be renamed under Property Name.


Confirm your selection with OK.


An output or return parameter must then be defined.
If you have several output parameters, choose Output in the Field Direction.
. The output parameter contains the results when you call the web service.


Optional: If the table is to be filtered later according to certain table values, you can also use a input parameters for the filter function.


The mapping of the output data can now be carried out in the activity.


In the Output Mapping section, click New to create a new entry. Under Target the output parameter SAP Customers is selectable. After double-clicking on the value, the result table RESULT is available under Source. In the Mapping Expression field, use the button on the right to open the dialog box for mapping the table values.


Since the source and target fields have the same names, you can use the Automap function for automatic mapping.


If the table is only to be displayed without a filter function, the web service can be deployed directly.