The following items can be selected in the menu bar of the ECS Core WebService Designer:


The server and SAP connections are defined here.

Server actions for web services
This menu section contains the following actions:

  • Open: Open an already deployed web service from the ECS Core Server.

  • Import: Import web service operations from another deployed web service to the open web service. Single or all operations can be added.

  • Deploy*: Deployment of a newly created Web service to the ECS Core Server.

  • Remove: Removing web services from the ECS Core Server.

Project Actions
This menu section refers to new Web service projects and includes the following actions:

  • New: Create a new Web service project. Important: Already opened data will be lost, please save before!

  • Open: Open a saved web service definition (files with the extension .wsdef) in the Designer.

  • Import: Import operations from a web service definition to a started web service project.

  • Recent: Access to recently opened Web service definitions.

This menu section contains advanced options for Web service projects in general and for exporting to OpenApi format.

Project Options:

  • Underlying SAP system is using UNICODE encoding (default: Yes): Select whether the system is an SAP UNICODE system or not.

  • Include error details (default: Yes): Output of more detailed error messages in the Designer.

  • Use empty string as default value for input parameters, variables and custom data types of type string (Default: Yes).

  • Use empty structure as default value for input parameters and variables of type collection or custom data type (Default: Yes).

OpenAPi Options (described in detail under OpenAPI Definitions):

  • Add generic service operations to the definition
  • Add SAP connection parameter (“Service Application”) to the definitions of operations
  • Use variable names as “title” parameter

Here web services can be exported in certain formats.

OpenAPI (described in detail under OpenAPI Definitions):

  • The web service is exported as an OpenAPI definition.


  • The web service is exported as a C# project (developer tools such as Visual Studio are required for further processing).

Use this menu section to access the help page or exit the application.