New web service operations are created under Operations. Access to the SAP system is configured in the web service operation. For details on creating a new web service, see here.

The following options are available:


Create a new operation
Creation of a new web service operation. The name is freely selectable and must not contain any spaces. Sample templates for various web services can be loaded from the attached web service catalog.

Import operation(s) from catalog…
Import one or more Weservice operations from the Web services catalog to an existing service.

Edit selected operation
Editing a web service operation.

Rename selected operation
Rename a web service operation.

Copy selected operation into a new operation:
Copy an existing operation to a new web service operation.

Remove selected operation
Delete the selected operation.

Remove all operations
Remove all web service operations.

Move operation up/ down
Change the order of web service operations in the view.

Sort operations alphabetically
Sort the web service operations in alphabetical order.

Show test data
Display the web service settings to facilitate the web service call, e.g. in a REST client. The web service URL, the Query String for scalar input parameters, and the Request Body for input structures (scenarios with multiple input positions) are displayed. In addition, you can validate the JSON definition of the web service with validate JSON and copy it to the clipboard with Copy to clipboard.