In the main screen of the WebService Designer click on SAP… in the ribbon at Connections. The SAP Connection Dialog opens.


The SAP connection defined here is required to retrieve SAP metadata when creating a new Web service. The SAP connection for the Web service call is defined in the main menu under SAP connection name to use.

Add the following parameters:

Client - The SAP Client. Example: 800
Language - The SAP logon language. Example: EN
User name - The user name for the SAP connection.
Password - The password for the SAP connection.

Choose one of the following options to connect to your SAP system:

Use Single Application Server - Select this option to connect to a single SAP server via RFC.
Host - Name of the SAP Server.
System - The SAP system number (00…99).
Use Load Balancing - Select this option if you are using SAP Load Balancing and want to get SAP to use a particular server for the connection.
Message Server - Name of the SAP Message Server.
Group / SID - Group and system ID for the SAP server selection.
Use HTTP / Web Service - Select this option if you want to access the SAP Web Services.
HTTP URL - The URL for the SAP Web Services.

Use the Test button to check the connection.

A confirmation window should now appear when the connection to the SAP system has been successfully established. Click OK to hide the message.