Mapping structure parameters to a structure

The following example shows you how to map structure parameters of a function module to an output structure of a web service operation.

The function module BAPI_COMPANYCODE_GETDETAIL is used as an example.
This function module reads company information for a particular company code and lists the results in several structure parameters such as COMPANYCODE_DETAIL.
The aim of this scenario is to map the fields COMP, COMP_NAME and CITY from the structure parameter COMPANYCODE_DETAIL to the corresponding elements of the structure parameter CompanyDetails of the web service operation.

First create an operation that calls the function module BAPI_COMPANYCODE_GETDETAIL and return to the overview page. First create the data type CompanyDetails under Custom Data Types, which contains the data elements Name, City and CompanyCode.


Then create the output parameter Details, which contains the structure CompanyDetails created as the data type.


Then call the activity dialog and scroll down to the output parameter COMPANYCODE_DETAIL to map the output structure. In the dropdown list under Mapping, choose the Details structure parameter and then call the Mapping Expression field.


In the dropdown list under Mapping, you find the fields of the structure parameter COMPANYCODE_DETAIL and can map them to the elements Name, City and CompanyCode of the structure parameter Details.


Confirm your entries with OK. The mapping of the output parameters is now complete.

Mapping scalar parameters to a structure

It is not possible to map scalar parameters of a function module to an output structure of a web service operation. Use scalar parameters in the web service operation for mapping.