You can use and consume ECS Core REST web services in Nintex for Office 365. An example can be found in the Nintex section of the OnlineHelp under Nintex Workflow for Office 365.

Getting started with ECS Core and SharePoint Online

Management Site


ECS Core (for cloud environments)

Create web service for ECS Core

SAP validation in Nintex-Forms

Nintex Workflow Cloud (NWC)

Create REST service

Integration with Microsoft Flow

Create REST service

Integration with Nintex for Office365


Prerequisites and installation


For each

New operation

Mapping input parameters

Mapping scalar parameters

Mapping scalar parameters

Getting started with the WebService Designer

SAP connection

Designations and SAP connection

Menu bar

Create definitions with the WebService Designer

Execute table activity

Deployment authentication

Call function module


ECS Core Dashboard


Nintex Workflow for Office 365

Create Nintex Workflow for Office 365

Filling dropdown boxes in Nintex Forms

Create OpenAPI definitions

Create OpenAPI definition

ECS Core installation

Do while

Operation details

Mapping structure parameters

Mapping output parameters

Mapping structure parameters

Connection settings

Server connection

Custom Data Types

Create definitions via the Management Site

Where clause

Web service authentication

Consumer authentication

Development with ECS Core

SAP Connections

API Keys

Test the workflow

Nintex Forms for Office 365

Import OpenAPI definition in NWC

Import OpenAPI definition into Flow


Create a new web service

Create Custom Data Type

Assign value

Mapping list-based parameters

Mapping list-based parameters

Main menu


Secure Stores

Azure Relay

Create connection

Configure Flow

WebService Designer

Parameter mapping

Operation with SAP table

System Operations

Web Services

Configure NWC Workflow

Integration with Office 365

Test Flow

Example scenario


Integration with Nintex

Test workflow

Further activities

Test the web service


Deploy web service

OpenAPI definitions

Services Site