On the Management Site the configuration for ECS Core is done.

By default, the Management Site can be found at http://localhost:8085.
Afterwards you can save the website as a bookmark in your web browser.
The management site can also be started via the IIS Manager.

The initial user/password pair is admin/admin. It is best to change it directly after logging on to the management site for the first time. How to change the password is described in Settings>Administrators.

The following services are available on the management site:

ECS Core Dashboard

Here you get an overview of all contents of the management site.

SAP Connections

Here you create and manage the connections to SAP.

Secure Stores

The settings for Secure Stores are managed here.

Web Services

The Web Services can be managed here.


Here you can add licenses, define ECS core administrators, manage API keys, create a registration with an Azure Relay and perform certain system operations.