To ensure that everything is configured correctly and the connection settings work as wanted, you can use the tecs library (recommended: section Live Test of your ECSCore), as well as pure Javascript or REST clients such as POSTMAN (Chrome) or RESTClient (Firefox), which are freely available as browser extensions.

Important: The test refers purely to the stored SAP connections of the Management Site (‘management endpoint’). To consume services, the Services Site (‘Consumer Endpoint’) must be used. For more information, see Webservice Authentication.

Mit tEcs:

    connection: {
        ecs: {
            core: true,
            coreApiKey: "978854CD75AF44EE9ABF0D9CCEC9A3F9", 
            instance: "ec4",
            url: "" (Management Endpoint always followd by /ecsm)

In a REST client, you must set the Authorization header manually (authorization method: ‘No Auth’):

Authorization = “Apikey 978854CD75AF44EE9ABF0D9CCEC9A3F9”
Accept = application/json
Content-Type = application/json


Examples for REST requests can be found in our online help under ERPConnect Services Runtime> Webservices>REST without tEcs (e.g. request for a table or a function block).