In the previous example, we read data from an SAP table using the function tEcs.executeXql().
Now we want to repeat the scenario, but call a function module using the function tEcs.executeFunction() to read SAP customer data. It would also be possible to use a function module to write data to SAP.

All knowledge from the previous example Getting started with ECS Core and SharePoint Online is assumed here.
In this example, we will only change the step to call the SAP function module.

In SAP, we first check the function module SD_RFC_CUSTOMER_GET to read customer data.
The input parameter NAME1 is set to X* as an example. After execution, the result table CUSTOMER_T contains the 5 data records of the customer data.



Now let’s take a look at the step with JavaScript code for calling the SAP function module.

Step 3: Insert JavaScript code for calling the SAP function module.

The function tEcs.executeFunction() is used to call the function module SD_RFC_CUSTOMER_GET.
The input is assigned to the input parameter NAME1.
The table CUSTOMER_T returns the result.


Now run the SharePoint Add-in. You will get the following result: