Each extraction dialog has the link General Settings, which provides general settings that are independent of the extraction type. Please open the security tab to modify the security settings.

Security tab


Allow everybody to access this extraction

Everybody can access this extraction. There are no restrictions on the extraction level.

Allow only specific users/groups

On the extraction level the right of users/user groups will be restricted.

The list Allowed contains users and user groups with access according to their rights. The user admin admin and the user group administrators has admin rights and can not be deleted.
The list Available contains all defined users and users groups. With the buttons < and > you can switch users and users groups between the two lists.

Allow all machines to execute this extraction

There are no limitations. Every machine is allowed to execute extractions.

Restrict execution to specified machines

Only defined computers are allowed to execute extractions.

To define a restriction select Restrict HTTP access to specific machines and click the Add button.

Require SAP Credentials

The SAP credentials (SAP user and password) are required to run the extraction.